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Holub Josef - HOZ

We rent the building elevators, overhead walkways, working platforms. We provide assembly, disassembly and repair of such equipment, including inspection tests. Rental is open 7 days a week.

Krásná Hora nad Vltavou 130, Krásná Hora nad Vltavou

Konex, spol. s r.o.

The offer and sale of furniture.

Budovatelů 138, Příbram

Fous Příbram, s.r.o.

Sell school and office supplies, stationery, stamps and making cards, small office machines - paper shredders, cutters, calendars and diaries. Sell wholesale, retail and online.

Smetanova 219, Příbram

Vibros, s.r.o.

Traditional manufacturer of vibratory techniques. We produce surface vibrators, vibrating screens, feeders, conveyors, vertical conveyors, pipe conveyors, vibrating bottom, shake bases, crushers and vibrating mills chest for foundries, vibrating tables, filling cars. We will make all the needs and requirements for different industries.

Zdabořská 29, Příbram

Sedláček - čisticí a hygienické systémy

We offer Kärcher high pressure washing machines, vacuum cleaners, floor washing and sweeping machines. Addressing the personal and industrial hygiene and cleanliness. Brand KIMBERLY CLARK - dispensers, soap, toilet paper, industrial towels, work clothes. Dreumex abrasives.

Zdaboř 488, Příbram

Centrum integrovaných služeb, spol. s r.o.

We offer complete cleaning and cleaning services. We also offer care for greenery, maintenance work, the overall economic management objects.

Purkyňova 224, Příbram

Webac Vibro, s.r.o.

The manufacturer, seller and offer design consultancy external vibrators. We offer electric and pneumatic vibromotory - piston, ball and turbine. We all mikrovibrátory and vibration technology.

Brod 44, Příbram


We offer production and sales of safes and vaults. We provide disposal, refurbishment and sale of used safes. Repairs and service. Transportation and moving heavy loads. Professional document shredding (vč.utajovaných). The Czech Museum of safes.

Brigádnická 336, Jince

We provide a complete bartender kits, chilled beer, hitcher the beer, beer coolers, party taps, beer equipment, mobile devices tap, beer taps, push the head. We also offer compressors and accessories for refrigeration and beer.

Vysoká Pec 180, Bohutín

Čip plus, s.r.o.

Security and CCTV systems for homes, businesses and public sector. Security technologies, fire alarm and building automation, including design and deliver non-stop service. Erection of security doors and access control systems.

Milínská 130, Příbram

Roman Novotný - kancelářský nábytek

The manufacturer and retailer of residential and office furniture, sofas and accessories.

Dubno 49, Dubno

Agrex import - export, s.r.o.

Dealer of agricultural machinery, implements and tractors.

Čs. armády 1, Příbram

Rudolf Havlíček - Havrda

Dealer traffic signs.

Kosova Hora 57, Kosova Hora

Sehaz Příbram, spol. s.r.o

We sell fire extinguishers, material Mon We provide fire protection coatings, openings, PO document processing, training, monitoring, inspection and pressure. test cylinders, pressure vessels, electrical equipment, fire dampers, performance of CO 2

Husova 268, Příbram

Jana Malátková -

The company offers a wide range of specialties, for both professionals and the general public confectionary. American companies sell products Wilton, Impresions...

Kosova Hora 319, Kosova Hora

Josef Lachout - hasicí přístroje

We sell fire extinguishers and hydrant systems, fire extinguishers work to review and hydrants. CO2 bottles, we offer safety signs.

Petrovice 160, Petrovice


Sell welding equipment, including cutting service.

Žižkova 152, Příbram IX

Exakt, spol. s r.o.

Vendor management and automation technology.

Mariánská 172, Příbram VII

Jazu, s.r.o.

Our company sells plastic molds and machinery for the manufacture of paving. In addition, we sell roofs, fences, fence parts, bases and garden and mailbox.

V Domcích 464, Příbram

Obchodní - Českomoravská, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail sale of computer equipment and sorbents.

Anenská 349, Příbram

Ing. Stanislav Horák, Elefant

We offer products and furniture manufacturing, business cards, banners and film exposure.

Milínská 15, Příbram

Signopack, s.r.o.

Company Signopack sro is the exclusive representation of German company Signode System GmbH and the American Signode Packaging Systems. These firms deal with te...

Novohospodská 135, Příbram

OTAS, s.r.o.

We manufacture and supply construction machinery, excavators, miniexcavators, and mini excavators, hydraulic equipment, construction equipment. We offer service and repair these machines.

Husova 550, P.O.Box 110, Příbram

Frisco, s.r.o.

Manufacturer finned heat exchanger tubes based on Cu - Al blades copper tubes - copper blades stainless steel pipes - aluminum plates and stainless steel pipes - copper plates.

Husova 267, Příbram

Kovomont, s.r.o.

Manufacturer of fabricated metal products.

Háje 83, Háje

We perform inspections, repairs, sale of fire extinguishers. Sale of technical gases.

Čsl. dělostřelců 295, Jince

Ing. Zdeněk Kotner - prodej dopravních pásů

We provide conveyors and conveying equipment. Weld mechanical vulcanized and bonded joints of conveyor belts. Sell rubber, and rubber hoses, belts, adhesives for the joints and accessories. Weld glue and rubber bands. Wholesale and retail sales.

Buk 30, Milín

Petr Černý - filtrační a čisticí technika

Offer chemical and magnetic adjustment and filtration.

Zahradní 57, Milín

Mgr. Olga Černá- Prodej filtrační a čisticí techniky

Vendor filtration and purification techniques.

11. května 404, Milín


We supply and service gastrozařízení from manufacturers ALBA KROMET, RETIGO, RM GASTRO, FAGOR. We deliver convectors, cookers, boilers, pans, fryers, dishwashers, stainless steel furniture, sinks, refrigerators, freezers, professional cookware. We offer a washing machine for large capacity.

Luhy 7, Dolní Hbity

MPCs - Production, spol. s r.o.

We offer delivery of measurement and control technology, power and provide electrical engineering services and related services.

V koleji 1, Březnice

Pavel Peterka - chladicí technika

The company offers installation, servicing and sale of refrigeration engineering.

Chraštice 63, Chraštice

Tedox, s.r.o.

Vendor slings.

Blatenská 59, Březnice

Jaroslava Nuslová - Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

Sales of office supplies and equipment.

Náměstí 16, Březnice

Eduard Škvára-Montáž a opravy dojících potřeb

Vendor equipment and supplies for livestock production.

Obecnice 332, Obecnice

Mig - Mag servis, s.r.o.

We offer sales and servicing of welding equipment Migatronik, in Alpha, and other types. Possibility of repair welding techniques within 24 hours. Sales and distribution of technical gases LINDE. Sell Hand Bosch Power Tools, DWT, RYOBI.

V Lukách 268, Příbram

QUICK - SERVIS, spol. s r.o.

Sales and service of welding techniques. Sell Resources ESAB, Omicron, Tiger, Binzel torches, wire SIDERGAS, Pittarc, Sandvik, Böhler electrodes, helmets and Speedglas Optrel. We supply compressors Atmos Puma pneumatic tools and Flexovit.

Brodská 26, Příbram

Hydraulika Příbram, s.r.o.

The manufacturer and retailer of hydraulic hoses and components. Sell hydraulic hose - high, low, quick - Organic (bezokapové), ball, valves, pipes, hydraulic joints. Sale of measuring techniques.

Husova 550, Příbram

Ortas - důlní, s.r.o.

We offer the manufacture and repair of mining machinery.

Hatě 546, Příbram

M.E.N. system, s.r.o.

Implementation of the proposals storage solutions, pricing and installation.

K Podlesí 540, Příbram


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